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Since 1998
2014 Thanksgiving at
Training Week
Nov 21-28
ski days: Nov 22-28;
return travel day will be evening of 2
8th PM
Take your training to another level. Learn the latest techniques from world class skiers
Tony Olin and Josee Lacasse and their amazing international staff! These training
camps are for the discerning ski racer who wants focused attention on their individual
needs as improving competitors. All ages and abilities welcome. We want you to
improve and we want you to succeed!
Check out Timberline's History:
2015 Summer Mt Hood:
4 Training Weeks

Jun 30 - Jul 7 (Tues travel)
July 7 - 14
July 15 - 22 (Wed travel)
July 22 - 29
ski days: Six days on snow each week
Join us next Thanksgiving at VAIL!   Nov, 2015
Mt Hood is looking good for the summer! Though it's been a low snow year for much of the
West, Timberline has been harvesting snow thru its "snow-farming" techniques, plus with
the arrival of Spring storms, Palmer will be open thru July and now possibly into August.
Book now - we will be filled to capacity.
OL Coaches
at Gold Peak