Head coach and director of TEAM Afton-a USSA program.
Tony co-directs the Olin/LaCasse Skiracing School at Mt.
Hood, Oregon during the summer months, and at VAIL,
Colorado, in November. He is an International Certified Coach
and PSIA certified. Tony raced internationally in NORAMS' and
Europa Cup. As a collegian, while skiing for St. Olaf College,
he lead his team to the National Championship while he
became the national USCSA slalom champion in 1987. A
father of two, with wife Julie, Tony has gained a reputation as
a caring, insightful and innovative coach. He has been racing
and coaching more than 25 years..... the total experience with
all levels. He has produce numerous Junior Olympic
Champions and U.S. Ski Team Members, and all the time
remains attentive to the needs of skiers of all abilities
Tony Olin - director
OL SkiRacing School surround their students with a highly qualified coaching staff
that includes racer/coaches from many international walks of life.
More coaches will be announced.
Born in Montreal, Canada, Josee started skiing at two years
old and racing at six. She won her first Canadian National
title at fifteen. At eighteen, she was named to the Canadian
Ski Team on which she competed for seven years. Her
accomplishments include capturing third place in a World
Cup Giant Slalom; representing her country at the Olympics
in Calgary, placing 11th in GS and 16th in Slalom. In 1991,
while earning a business degree from Sierra Nevada
College, she won the University World Championships in
Sapporo, Japan. Perhaps Josee's most important
accomplishment has been raising her two daughters, Zoe and
Danika.  Josee has been coaching in Nevada and California for
many years. She has transitioned to a career in Nursing - OL is
proud of her accomplishments!
She continues to share her passion for skiing with coaches and
young skiers, and will be a special guest from time-to-time.
Josee Lacasse - special
Since 1998
Marie Rochelle (better known as Mary Rachel or,
"M.R." Power-Woman) hails from Colorado where
she grew up ski racing. A longtime favorite racer to
watch, she attended U of NM as well. A top collegiate
performer and NCAA All-American, M.R. has studied
sports management and physical education. She
teaches several fitness classes, and hopes one day
to manage the Denver Broncos (no kidding, she
probably will!)
Marie Rochelle Hostetter Rasanen
Teagan (Olin)
Simply known as Teagan, he grew up ski racing under the watchful
eye of his father - but more importantly, from a blended tutelage of
N.American and European influences. The Austrians, Slovenians,
Spaniards, French, Italians, Swedes, Norwegians, Finnish, and
others, and of course North Americans had strong ski racing
influences on this rising young racer-coach. His technical, tactical,
and flavor for the alpine sport - is infectious. Teagan has won several
FIS races in the Mid-America Series, and is a stalwart competitor at
many levels - including a 4 yr stint leading the St. Olaf College ski
team to several successful National appearances (including bronze
at Nationals as an individual). Teagan is an integral part of OL
SkiRacing School - as a go-to-guy, workhorse, and charging leader.
He also understands what it is to be a young racer trying to improve -
and shares this passion with all ages.
Originally from Kauniainen Finland, Joonas went to high
school in Nilsia Finland at a ski high school (like Stams in
Austria). As part of the Finnish National system, Joonas
was on the Junior Team for two years and made the
B-team for 2 years, which included several World Cup
and Europa Cup starts. Right now he is studying in New
Mexico at UNM. Joonas won the 2013 NCAA National
Championship Slalom title in Middleburry, VT! And this
past December - won the WORLD University Games SL
title! Joonas was named to the 2015 Finnish National
Joonas Rasanen
Josee and Tony surround their students with a highly qualified coaching staff that includes
racer/coaches from many international walks of life.
More coaches will be announced.
Tyler Theis
A recent graduate of University of New
Mexico, Tyler is a welcome addition to the OL
SkiRacing School staff. This past summer,
Tyler kicked it out of the park with our
campers - doing daily diligence both on-hill
and off. Tyler comes to us with a vast
background in the ski industry with both his
parents as ski professionals, as well as sis'
too - a real family affair.
We're looking forward to having Tyler at Mt
Hood and in Vail with us this November.
Join us at Mt Hood!  and VAIL!